Visit from Tanzania

In the week-end, 8-9 September 2018, six leaders from the Moravian Church in Tanzania visited Denmark. The purpose was a conversation between the Danish Moravian Mission and the collaborative Moravian churches in Tanzania.
And then it gave the opportunity in the morning to celebrate a service in the Moravian Church in Christiansfeld. After the service a dinner took place with some inviteted guests. And members of the Board of Danish Moravian Mission and several former missionaries were given an opportunity to discuss the mission's case with the leaders.

From Tanzania participated:
Br. Yona from the the provins of the Moravian Church of Western Tanzania
Br. Katale from the province of the Moravian Church of Lake Tanganyika
Br. Simae from the province of the Moravian Church of Rukwa
Br. Kabigi from the province of the Moravian Church of Southern Tanzania
Br. Sichone from the province of the Moravian Church of Southwestern Tanzania
Br. Kajula from the province of the Moravian Church og Eastern Tanzania.

The conversation between partners is always important - especially when it comes to mutual understanding across cultures and languages. And we are looking back on a successful week-end including good negotiations between Brothers - and for the Moravian Church.