Volunteers 2018 (Fall)

Julie F. Eriksen

Julie is a volunteer in the village of Kipili, located on Tanganyika Lake. Here she is going to be a teacher in Cheke-Chea (pre-school) and other a lot of other things at the Mission Station in Kipili.

Julie has a Blog (in danish)

Emilia Jensen

Kipili is also the destination for Emilia: Cheke-Chea and much more, maybe the PHC health project also includes?

Signe H. Jensen

And Signe has the same address in Kipili in the autumn - and the tasks are many and exciting. Education, health and everything else.
Signe also has a Blog in danish

Laura Ørskov

Laura is in Sumbawanga, where she will be an assistant at Peter's House. It's all the work that comes at her way and the children + a little education. And in Swahili!
Read Laura's Blog here (in danish)

Amalie Gamborg

Amalie is also in Sumbawanga - at Peter's House, where it is teaching and everything else.... Primarily with and for the beautiful children at home.

Moravian Church in Tanzania

Moravian Mission Denmark

Tobias L. Sørensen

Tobias is also at Peter's House in Sumbawanga, where there are many exciting tasks and experiences including children and adults.

Christian Haslev

Christian also lives and work at Peter's House. And in Denmark Christian is going to be a voluntary in the church in Aars for three months in the beginning of 2019. Then will be possible to meet him at a number of meetings, etc.