Grethe & Aage in Sumbawanga - again!

2018, October medio:
Grethe and Aage Lorenzen have just landed in Tanzania, where they have offered their manpower in Sumbawanga for some time in the autumn.
In autumn 2016, Grethe and Aage were also in Sumbawanga for three months - this time the stay will be a little shorter.
The tasks? They are many, but Grethe should primarily help the girls in and around Peter's House (and elsewhere) to use the sewing machines. Over time, some sewing machines have been sent to Sumbawanga, and the volunteer pair had their suitcases filled up with fabrics and other materials for the upcoming project.
Aage will also primarily help carpenter students with a variety of educational and more practical tasks.
Rejoicing in Sumbawanga was very big when the couple arrived mid October - and there are great expectations for the stay!
In BDM we are deeply grateful for the great effort, the couple practically practice!
Would you like to hear about the possibilities of traveling with BDM - also as a senior - please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat: Tel. +45 3529 4820 or mail