Grethe & Aage Lorenzen

Senior volunteers in Sumbawanga have exciting and busy days:

One of the girls from the school in 2016 (last time we were at Peter's House), I accidentally met one of the first days after our arrival. She lives near Kipili at Lake Tanganyika. We agreed she stayed a few days in Sumbawanga so she could learn to sew bags.
I paid her for stay and today she travels home with a suitcase full of sponsored fabrics, etc. She has a sewing machine at home, which she received from BDM when she was trained, so now she has the opportunity to start business with these materials.

And Aage:
The first picture shows the orphanage for 32 children on the left. To the right carpentry workshop where I teach, Babu Aage. At the carpentry shop, we turn it all over a little while to repair again. In the meantime, students try to learn a little about the lathe and other good things or work on their own tasks.
I am impressed with the student assignments they perform, only with the use of a hood and a handset (+ a little sugar cane and ugali). Today, we could continue to manufacture chests again. It will be exciting to work on. Outside the workshop it is difficult to avoid the happy children's smile, which is also included in the picture.

See beautiful pictures below: