Sending Janice & Mads

It was brilliant sunshine, the church in Løsning (the town, where Mads is born) was packed and there was a very good atmosphere at the service at Sunday on September 23, 2018 when Janice and Mads R. Jakobsen were sent out as missionaries to Tanzania!
The chairman of the board for BDM, Jørgen Bøytler, preached the Gospel. And the Gospel just this sunday contains a very direct call from Jesus: Follow me!
It became a very strong record for the subsequent sending of the young missionary couple. The service continued with holy communion and we felt that the roof could lift up when the great assembly of the whole congregation voted in on the last hymn in the church.
After the service, the afternoon continued with lunch and coffee and a gathering of between 150-175 people, who came back to the church hall for a festive gathering. There were greetings from Janice' parents who had come from Hong Kong to attend, greetings from BDM and a great deal of other participants.
And throughout all greetings was the invitation to follow the young missionary couple with prayer and financial support when they are settled in Tanzania for a long term stay.
Initially, they starts with a few months of language school, where they have to learn Swahili. After that the missionaries finally goes to the location in Kipili at Lake Tanganyika, where they are going to work with mission, health and everything else that goes from here.
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