Mission statement
for The Danish Moravian Mission

The Danish Moravian Mission (BDM) is a part of the danish church (Den danske Folkekirke) currently primarily working in Tanzania, D.R. Congo, Burundi and Albania. The main purpose is to present the gospel, the Christian faith to humans and contribute to the improvement of the lives of poor people.
It is mission when people - inspired by the Lord Jesus Christ - assume responsibility for the transmission of the gospel.

It is always God who gives the power to the mission, He, who wants all men to be saved.

  • Mission implies that God calls and sends, and lets us send.
  • Mission is the service of teaching and deacons.
  • BDM works professionally and voluntarily.
  • Mission must inspire charity and joy.
  • Mission through BDM is an integral part of Unitas Fratrum's mission.

The main message in our sending is salvation for anyone who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is baptized to that faith. BDM focuses on three areas:

  1. Mission is the direct preaching. The Church proclaims through the ministry's preaching of the gospel and the administration of the sacraments. The Church proclaims by supporting other churches.
  2. Teaching in the faith is crucial in continuation of the missionary speech's (Math. 28) preaching that those who have heard the gospel should also learn to keep all that Jesus Christ has commanded.
  3. Jesus showed us that he cared for the whole human being (body, soul and spirit). Responsibility for giving hungry food and sick medicine is part of the church's diaconal effort.

To succeed the mission it is important to BDM that people are giving some of their spare time, financial capacity and, last but not least, their prayers for the work.

BDM is a part of the danish church (Den danske Folkekirke) and has a special relationship with the local Moravian Church. Unitas Fratrum (The Brothers Community) is the designation of the worldwide unity that all Moravian Churches are a part of.

Appointed of the Board of BDM March 15, 2017