MCWT - Moravian Church West Tanzania

Provins of Moravian Church in Western Tanzania (MCWT).

The Moravian Church of West Tanzania is a province of the worldwide Moravian Church. MCWT is one of four Moravian Church provinces in Tanzania.

The work, which today is the Province MCWT, began in 1897, when the British Missionary Missionary Missions took over a rather unsuccessful missionary work from the London Mission Society in an area outside Tabora in the west. Mission stations were established in Ussoke, Ichemba, Sikonge, Ipole and Kitunda and later headquarters in the regional capital of Tabora.

Until 1962 the MCWT area was considered as a mission area. The leader was a Superintendent deployed by the British Brothers Church. Then the province became independent and a bishop and a provincial council were chosen. In the following years, the church grew and it has also undergone a development similar to the three other Moravian Church provinces in Tanzania: growing members and churches, parishes and other activities.

The Province
MCWT includes the Moravian Church in Tabora, Kigoma and Shinyanga regions as the primary but is also present in other of the surrounding regions.
MCWT is also responsible for Sikonge Hospital (started in 1923); 10 health clinics (dispensaries) distributed in Sikonge and Tabora districts;
Sikonge Emergency Hospital Kidugalo and Kanoge; villages inhabited by people handicapped by leprosy.
Sikonge Bible College with three institutes: Evangelist education (two-year); pre-primary education (three-year), High School with Form 5-6 (two-year); Sikonge Secondary School, Form 1-4 (Four Years); Ussoke Secondary School, Form 1-4 (Four Years); together with the other provinces of TEKU in Mbeya, pre-primary education. Sikonge Workshop, carpentry and carpentry workshop, building crafts.
In addition MCWT has a hostel in Tabora and a number of smaller projects, especially milling machines.

BDM's commitment
Sending employees to hospital, workshop and Bible college. Financial support for MCWT's operations, Sikonge Bible College, Hospital and Emergency Care, HIV / AIDS Combat, Handicrafts. Sending volunteers to teach English at the church's schools. Economic and other practical support for a number of church activities.

The Moravian church in the province is still experiencing good growth in membership, parishes and activities. Especially in the Kigoma district and Lake Victoria district growth is visible. In addition, the church is working to improve employee education, consolidation of the economy and infrastructure development.

BDM and MCWT are prepared for continued collaboration on tasks considered by both parties to be important.