Knud Elmo Knudsen

As known, Knud Elmo Knudsen was expelled by Tanzania in the summer of 2017. BDM has vainly sought to reject the expulsion and has now changed Knud Elmo Knudsen's employment to a commuter missionary resident in Christiansfeld in Denmark.

With the recruitment, the Board wishes to strengthen the work in East Congo and Burundi, which in the future should be Knud Elmo Knudsen's field of work. It is thought that the areas should have a visit by the commuter commissioner 1-2 times a year in a few months.
It is the Board's desire to meet the great needs of the Moravian Churces and communities in those areas where there is a need for and strengthening of both practical and spiritual building / teaching and guidance.

Knud Elmo Knudsen is also available for meetings and teaching throughout Denmark, as well as assisting the secretariat with qualified help in a number of areas.

Knud Elmo Knudsens residence is Nørregade 7, DK-6070 Christiansfeld.