Urest in D.R. Congo

Just after Christmas 2016 BDM was informed that there were unrest in DR Congo between some rival parties. Missionary Knud Elmo Knudsen, who has contact with the local on-site, estimates that there are around 4000 people who do not have food. Thus, it is a large group of people who can not survive if there is no help from the outside.

The unrest began with shielding between the two populations. First, one from a group was killed. This meant that 3 from another group were killed. Next, the military was put in and killed 11 from the first group after which the military was imprisoned for assault against this group of people. 130 people from this group who had not been involved in the fighting should be moved from one area to another. During this move, 100 people from this group were killed. Those who escaped found some of their own in the highlands, and together they attacked several villages. That meant that there were about 200 from the first group killed.

Some of the leaders from Moravian Church in Congo are in contact with the local authorities and try to get an overview of what has happened. The Red Cross is on the spot, and together with the local authorities they can gather the dead and bury them in order not to break out cholera and other epidemics.

The situation on the ground Is that the people who lived up in the highlands together with those from the first group who did not participate in the troubles have been searched for Moba and the villages along the coast, which means that there are currently no food supplies rising from the highlands . Flour and beans are hardly anymore, and prices are therefore sky high (one mug flour = 350Cfr = 3xnormal price).

It will also be necessary to help in Moba, otherwise there will only be a migration to the villages, which they can not carry. In Mulungusi there are currently 54 adults and children from the north of Tembwe, who spend the night in outhouses or under the roof beacon in front of people's houses.

There is an urgent need for relief. Estimately there is a group of 4,000 refugees who need to buy flour and beans. In addition, there is a need for tarpaulins. It will cost a total of approx. DKK 100,000,- to meet this need.

A rapid relief effort is needed. BDM wishes to convey emergency aid and collect DKK 100,000 for the purpose.

Further information is available at BDM.

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Jørgen Bøytler, Chairman

Jens Peter Rejkjær, Secretary General and Missionary Secretary