Janice & Mads R. Jakobsen

Janice & Mads to Tanzania!
Mads Refshauge Jakobsen comes from Jutland i DK and has been a volunteer for BDM in 2014/2015, where he helped several places to have a playground, run a schoolhouse, renovate houses etc..
Volunteer life put such a deep trace in Mads that he just had to return to Tanzania! And that is why BDM's board has employed him as a missionary i Tanzania. Before leaving Europe he has ended an education of two years at the All Nations Christian College in London.
During his stay in England, Mads met his wife Janice, who is from Hong Kong. After graduating in England, BDM has entered into an agreement with the couple to travel to Kipili in Tanzania with a location at the mission station there. Prior to final location in Kipili, Janice and Mads are at language school for some months in Tanzania.

In Hong Kong has just been a service in the congregation where Janice belongs to sending out the young couple to Tanzania with prayers and blessing.

On September 23, 2018 at 10:30 a semilar service will be held in the church in Mads' hometown, Løsning, Every one is inviteted to take part here!