Where can I go?

BDM has volunteers in two places - but other locations may be possible.

Sumbawanga is located in Vesttanzania. The city has about 150,000 inhabitants. If you are going to work at the orphanage, Peters House, you will be located in Sumbawanga.

In Sumbawanga there is internet connections; you can send and receive text messages and use your mobile phone.  

Water and electricity (including interruptions now and then) are at your hand. And a market and shops selling all you need for everyday life. As a volunteer, you will usually live and stay at the orphanage and be affiliated to a missionary, who will be your principal.

Kipili is a small village, about 1500 inhabitants. Here the life is more primitive. There is a small market and few kiosks, but the range is small, so most purchases are made in Sumbawanga.

Electricity is not a part of the daily life in Kipili! And the food is cooked over fire and water is drawn up from the well. As a volunteer you will be very close to the old primitive Tanzanian culture. You will be affiliated with missionaries Janice and Mads Refshauge Jacobsen, who lives in Kipili.