Would you like to know more, please contact our youth worker, Tine Elmelund Christensen at e-mail or Secretary General Jens Peter Rejkjær at e-mail

Practical informations:

- Price: Approx. DKK 27,000 (approx. € 3,600) including Airline tickets, board and lodging for five months. (Contact us for a final price!)

- Vaccinations: The National Serum Institute recommends that you are vaccinated against hepatitis A + B, tetanus (diphtheria), yellow fever and typhus. Always ask your doctor what he recommends.

- Volunteer course: Before departure, a volunteer course is required, which is mandatory. The Course last 3 to 4 days (mostly a week-end). Here you and the other volunteers will be prepared for the volunteer stay.

- Departure: We send out volunteers in August and January

- Evaluation: After completing the volunteer course, there is a mandatory individual evaluation with the youth secretary and an evaluation weekend where you will meet your fellow-volunteers.

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