MDR Teams Forming Now
Port Arthur, TX

The BWM is now ready to start sending volunteers to assist with the rebuilding work following Hurricane Harvey. Our work will be in partnership with the Unity of the Brethren (UOB) Church in Port Arthur, Texas. The Good Shepherd Moravian Church (a UOB Congregation) sustained significant flooding damage, as did numerous members of the congregation. An MDR trailer of tools is on site, and ready for use by teams. 

At the moment, options for housing are limited due to flooding damage to homes and nearby hotels. The initial plan will have teams staying in RV trailers until the church can be fixed for use as possible team housing, or other arrangements can be made. 

Initial work will continue some tear down within flood damaged properties, followed by by re-framing or drywall work. The need for assistance is great to help individuals get back into their homes, or to help clean up homes where individuals have continued to live despite unsafe conditions. 

While further dates will be available moving forward, or formed teams can suggest dates for us to check availability, the BWM is hoping to have a four week "blitz" to move ahead on some of the damaged properties prior to the holiday season. 

The dates currently seeking team members are:
October 22-28
October 29-November 4
November 5-11
November 12-18

The dates above represent a Sunday to Saturday timeframe, with the hope being team members can arrive on Sunday evening, and plan to work Monday-Friday, with a departure after work on Friday or Saturday morning. 

Due to a shortage of housing arrangements teams are currently being limited to 6 members, and will be filled based on skills needed and a "first come, first to serve" basis. 

Participants will cover the cost of their own transportation to Port Arthur. Teams can drive to the site, or fly into Houston airport, but volunteers should be in contact before purchasing a ticket to ensure a ride from the airport is possible (about a 90 minute ride).

The BWM is working to offer some possible team subsidies to help cover some food costs and possibly a portion of travel. Funding has been sent ahead to begin purchase of supplies for teams, but any additional funds raised to assist with this effort is greatly appreciated. 

A skilled volunteer should be on site to help guide teams and get them started, but previous experience, or a willingness to learn and work a bit independently is preferred. 

Send an e-mail to Justin  to join one of the weeks needing volunteers. 

Or contact BDM for more info.