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Here we are working with church building, evangelization, health projects etc.
Read about the work in details here

D.R. Congo

Evangelization, childrens home and schools has top priority here beside health projects. Read some more here


Albania has their own church, Lutheran Moravian Church of Albania. BDM has supported small christian groups here for the last 25 years. Read about the christians in Albania here

News from Sumbawanga!

It's not boring to be a senior volunteer in Sumbawanga!

Read the stories

Senior volunteers - again!

BDM has had the opportunity to send a senior volunteer couple to Sumbawanga - again!
Read much more here

Janice and Mads R. Jakobsen

Sunday the 23. of september 2018 from the church in Løsning, DK

Join in and learn more about a great ceremony...

Read the story and see the pictures

Knud Elmo Knudsen

The board of BDM has employed Knud Elmo Knudsen as commuter missionary.
It is especially East-Congo and Burundi, who must pay his attention in the future. Read more

Meet the new volunteers in Tanzania!
Will you be the next?

Meet them here!

Safari - a journey in God's plan


Former missionary Ingrid Markussen has re-published her book 'Safari - a journey in God's plan' and now in english, too. Price € 11,50 / £ 10 + shipping costs. 

Read the Preface here or order the book on BDMs e-mail here



The fee for one year is DKK 150,- (€ 20,-)

As a member of Moravian Mission DK (BDM) you'll get our newsletter regularly, our magazin (in danish) by e-mail and we expect you to be our supporter.

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Volunteers in Tanzania

Three new and healthy young volunteers have left DK for the next five months to give their time and effort to exciting projects and experiences in Tanzania. Meet them here, and be inspired from their blogs!

And should you feel like it - take a look here!!

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