Moravian Church in D.R. Congo

The Moravian church is under construction in the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R. Congo), which has been plagued by a bloody civil war for more than 10 years believed to have cost millions of people lives.

In the late 80's the Moravian Church was founded in D.R. Congo. Despite the difficult conditions, poverty and many other problems it has grown through the 90's without real help from the outside. Today there are over 14.000 members in more than 40 congregations.

Dutch missionary
In the winter of 2004-05, BDM had associated missionary Bert Muizebelt from Holland sent to the city of Mwene-Ditu in central D.R. Congo. He was investigating and looking for opportunities and risks associated with targeted health and mission efforts in D.R. Congo. This led to create a netcafé, which today is a good asset for the young Moravian Church there. At the same time the reports from Muizebelt were so convincing - despite the great poverty and political instability - that the BDM Board has since budgeted with increasing efforts in D.R. Congo. BDM has thus taken a new field of work based on the conviction that mission must constantly be in motion.

BDM has a coordinating role
The chairman of BDM, Jørgen Bøytler, has made several trips to D.R.Congo where there are great needs in education and construction. 10 years of civil war has meant that millions of people have an urgent need to get both material, mental and spiritual help.
And not only hunger and external distress bother the population, but also the trauma and humiliation of war must be processed mentally and spiritually. The Moravian church has been asked to rebuild it's work in D.R. Congo and to help normalizing the conditions in the population as soon as possible.
Therefore they are also in need of a Christian mission: the gospel must be served while the people receive help and care; churches must be rebuilt and congregations must be restored.

BDM needs help
The population of 65 million people in D.R.Congo needs us; the nuisance is unbelievably large; BDM has been asked from the cooperative organizations to take up a job in D.R.Congo. We have to hear that prayer! Therefore, there is a lot of need for financial help!

Thank you for your prayer and support.