Become a volunteer at BDM!

Do you want to have an experience for life? Do you want to be challenged and see new horizons, and would you like to “make a difference” - then Volunteer by BDM is just for you!

3 good reasons:

Someone needs you: You will come to a project where your labor and your presence is needed! With your qualities and a good deal of go-ahead, you can help make a difference for children and young people in Tanzania.

You will come backstage: As a volunteer, you become part of the local community. Your work will take place together with local people and you will become affiliated with the city's church. This means that you want to get to know the culture from within, giving you a unique opportunity to get Tanzania under the skin.

You’ll get an experience for life: When you travel with BDM you will come far out! You will eat rice and beans with your fingers, swing your hips to drummer in the church, admire starry evenings, wake up to the sounds of cocks and kids who play - all of the things that will challenge you and put traces in your life.

Contact us by phone: +45 3529 4820 or e-mail