Safari - a journey in God's plan

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Safari - a journey in God's plan

Ingrid Markussen takes us unto an exciting journey in her book Safari -a journey in God's plan. You get very far around geographically, spiritually and humanly.

The journey spans an entire life. In addition, it contains both childhood's early experience of God’s calling to serve, and the meeting with her future husband Jørgen Markussen. Also the many years of service in which Ingrid Markussen openly and honestly tells about their struggles, pleasures and sorrows under often very challenging conditions.

Safari - a journey in God's plan is a testimony that God calls and stands by his calling -even when itis humanly impossible, unreasonable or unbearable. That’s why Safari - a journey in God's plan is a very strong document and testimony!

My personal knowledge of Ingrid Markussen goes back 13 years. Nevertheless, far earlier, I became aware that Moravian Mission Denmark (BDM) had sent a missionary couple to Tanzania who were very dedicated in their service to God. 

In 2005 I became an employee in the Moravian Mission Denmark. I was very delighted to be

part of the supply troops for Ingrid and Jørgen Markussen during their last period in Mwanza in Tanzania.

In all ways an interesting acquaintance which challenged and gave great pleasure in my daily work!

Ingrid Markussen is equipped with a special zeal. In addition, she has a spiritual equipment that makes her a good spiritual adviser with special gifts from God. An unshakable confidence in the presence and acts of God, combined with a charismatic conviction saying that God listens to our prayers and engages in human life and existence is one of the secrets behind Ingrid Markussen's life in mission in service.

Therefore, I was in no doubt either, that it was a good idea to ask Ingrid Markussen to write this book, when she and Jørgen Markussen had returned from Tanzania to Denmark. And even though it required a little persuasion, I am very pleased that it succeeded. But most important, I am pleased that the book has gained well-deserved recognition in the Danish version.

It is my hope and prayer that Safari -a journey into God's plan may spread and be a blessing in English too -and not least, that it may contribute to clarify the vocation and the service to the readers.

Christiansfeld, February 2018

Sten Nielsen
Fundraising & Information
Danish Moravian Mission, BDM