New youth worker

It is with great pleasure we present Tine Elmelund Christensen as BDM's future youth employee.

Tine has begun at work, which is a part-time job, March 1st. She has a strong background for making a qualified effort among the young people: Tine has been a volunteer for BDM no less than three times and has received great love for the mission in Tanzania.

We are very excited about Tine's employment and welcome her in the community - and we hope that Tine and BDM-U will find a good working community for the benefit of young people, both in Denmark and elsewhere in the world.

Tine can be contacted by mail or tel. +45 2069 3474

The job was vacant after Miriam Bøytler, who has held the position for three years and made a great effort in all ways! Miriam has been familiar with the environment in Tanzania, where she herself has grown up in part, and has thus made a special effort among future volunteers.

Thanks to Miriam, who has wanted to stop to complete studies, etc.

NB: Welcome to check out our volunteer program right here!