Volunteers of the Autumn 2017

Maja Lund Jensen

Maja has traveled to Kipili, where she helps in Cheke Chea, a tiny local school in the village. Maja also helps in the kids club and sunday school.
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Matilde H. Kallesøe

Matilde is also a volunteer in Kipili and works with Cheche Chea. There will also be a club and sunday school work + a lot other things...
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Mathilde Ø. Pihl

And Mathilde is also in Kipili on the banks of Lake Tanganyika. Cheke Chea, sunday school and kids club are some of the on-the-job tasks.
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Anne Møller Kristensen

Anne has been in Tanzania as a volunteer for several periods so this time she is employed by BDM to help and assist the volunteers of the autumn in Sumbawanga and Kipili.

Anne has one blog here

Kristina Ø. Kristensen

Kristina is at Peter's House in Sumbawanga, where she helps with everything at the orphanage, which houses more than 30 children who have no home.

Read about Kristina's experiences here

Margriet van Beest

Margriet also lives in Sumbawanga, where she, like Kristina, helps in Peter's House. It's teaching, playing and anything else that's needed in a big children's family!

Margriet has a blog here

Sirid Jespersen

Sirid is also a volunteer in Sumbawanga and is looking forward to working with the children at the orphanage daily, which makes sense. There is always a hand here and there in teaching, education, play, etc.

You can read more from Sirid here

Joachim Munch

Joachim is the only male volunteer in Sumbawang in the autumn. He has to work at the VTC (Vocational Training Centre) with teaching in practical subjects and not least in English, which is quite necessary for the youth of the place.

Joachim tells more here