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Partners outside Denmark


Here we are working with church building, evangelization, health projects etc.
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D.R. Congo

Evangelization, childrens home and schools has top priority here beside health projects. Read some more here


Albania has their own church, Lutheran Moravian Church of Albania. BDM has supported small christian groups here for the last 25 years. Read about the christians in Albania here

In addition we har helping people in Burundi (evangelization, Bible courses, refugees etc.) and are struggling with healt problems in small villages at Lake Tanganyika. You'll find much more about it here

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Emergency aid

Problems in D.R. Congo

Shortly after Christmas, BDM was informed that there were unrest in DR Congo between some rival parties. Missionary Knud Elmo Knudsen, who has contact with the local on-site, estimates that there are around 4000 people who do not have food. Thus, it is a large group of people who can not survive if there is no help from the outside. read more here

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